5 Benefits of Using an API Integration Platform

Nataliia Kovalchuk
4 min readJan 12, 2022


What Actually is an API Integration Platform?

Today, it has become mandatory for SaaS business providers to get acquainted with the basics of an API. An Application Programming Interface (short for API) is a tool that enables two different systems or applications to communicate with each other seamlessly and share data.

The API works in the following manner:

- The software or client app makes an API call in order to gain access to specific information. This process is called API request and involves using specific parameters.

- Once it receives the call, the API makes its call to the external program or web server that stores the information

- The server then sends a response to the API with the data requested

- Finally, the API sends this data to the initial client

API integration platform allows various systems to communicate effectively between multiple APIs, enabling seamless transfer of data and allowing SaaS providers to get access to the info from various software programs.

A Quick Explanation of the API Integration Process

While the API platform facilitates easy communication between multiple APIs at once, the process of connecting a SaaS system to the API of a shopping cart is called API integration. Once connected via the API integration platform, the software and the shopping cart can exchange information between them.

Such integration enables modern businesses that operate in the eCommerce sphere to collaborate more efficiently while syncing their data across multiple systems and designing improved solutions for other companies. Additionally, it allows these companies to automate key processes and easily share data between tools and applications.

In a large corporation or company that spans multiple APIs for each installed system, there is a stringent need for properly designed connections with third-party, external apps and partners. However, it’s pretty tedious to manage all of these connections separately. If you’re one of these companies, you need to use a unique platform that can help you integrate all APIs across different applications with ease. That’s where an API integration platform comes in.

What are the 5 Main Benefits of Utilizing an API Integration Platform?

Using an API integration platform is extremely beneficial for both small and large SaaS companies that want to automate their processes and expand into new markets. Let’s explore together the 5 main perks of making use of one of these platforms:

Reason #1: You can easily connect your software with multiple platforms at once via a single integration to the main platform. This allows you to easily manage all APIs collectively while taking advantage of the shared benefit across multiple applications. This translates into more time for your team, who will spend less time on management tasks and will be able to dedicate themselves to more creative tasks.

Reason #2: The integration with an API platform can completely eliminate the need for maintaining each connection separately. Since you don’t have to connect with multiple systems separately, you don’t have to support each connection. Instead, you’ll only manage one connection to the API integration platform. That spells into a lot of time saved for your employees.

Reason #3: Gain access to all the data you need without worrying about data loss or breaches. The fact is that API integration platforms use high-end encryption to protect their clients’ data from breaches. In addition, their robust infrastructure and proper virtual defenses can accommodate the security needs of your data.

Reason #4: API integration platforms represent great productivity boosters, as they enable your development team to focus on more important tasks than creating, updating, managing, or tweaking the existing connections with other programs.

Reason #5: You can save a ton of money by using an API integration platform, especially as building and maintaining multiple integrations individually cost a fortune in the long run. With these modern tools, there is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on integrations. Instead, you can put that money to better use.

Understanding How an API Integration Platform Works

To better understand how the ecosystem behind one of these platforms works, let’s take a closer look at API2Cart. This high-end, robust, and highly customizable API integration platform is fully functional for a wide range of eCommerce SaaS businesses. It offers them a unified API that enables them to connect to 40+ shopping platforms.

This service can completely avoid all the challenges associated with today’s eCommerce integrations. Using this API integration platform is quite easy. All you have to do is to connect your software to API2Cart. After that, you will get immediate access to the shopping platforms of your choice that are available. Once connected, you can easily create, retrieve, update or delete data from all of these platforms.

API2Cart eliminates the need for setting up separate integrations with platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, or eBay. It saves you time and money while enabling your team to ramp up their productivity and allows you to focus on more crucial aspects of your business. To top it all, API2Cart takes care of all the maintenance-related tasks, offering a unique solution to incorporate the updated versions of eCommerce APIs right into the integration without affecting the quality of the connections.

To know more about how API2Cart works and how it can help your business grow, get in touch with its managers now.