The eCommerce sphere experiences a new challenge every day. Running eCommerce operations or maintaining online business continuity can be a challenging task. However, multifaceted technology keeps providing the right solutions to business problems.

The advent of automated eCommerce operations using various software and applications has developed many online businesses, leading them to high returns.

The concepts of API and eCommerce API integration truly serve the purpose of automation and productivity, allowing eCommerce companies and software vendors to excel in their respective roles.

Read on to dive deep into the world of API integration and its essence in the eCommerce sphere.

What is an API?

eCommerce software providers spend a lot of time, effort, and resources finding new ways to reach their target audience and expand their businesses. This is certainly not an easy task, especially as the competition in the software market is growing by the day.

That’s exactly why you, as an eCommerce software provider, need to find new ways to boost your profits and outsmart your competitors. One of the best ways to achieve that is by benefitting from BigCommerce integration.

Whether you are shipping, warehouse, marketing automation, order, inventory, dropshipping automation, or any other type of B2B software vendor, integrating your…

As an eCommerce software provider, you need to leverage the latest eCommerce software development trends for your business and ramp up your brand across numerous verticals. Additionally, it is important for you to boost your B2B eCommerce sales and demonstrate the value of your solution by gaining access to a larger market share.

To make your eCommerce software business wildly successful in 2021 and beyond, it is mandatory to become aware of certain tips and best practices. …

Software providers in the retail industry need to utilize the best tools in their “arsenal” to offer all of their service capabilities to e-shop owners and outperform their competitors. Dropshipping solutions that want to thrive have a guaranteed way to overcome obstacles and get ahead of the competition: developing integration with eCommerce platforms.

As a dropshipping software, it’s essential to realize that your business is highly dependent upon integrations with multiple eCommerce platforms. …

In the vast eCommerce landscape, working with orders is a critical operation for software business owners targeting the eCommerce store owners’ market. Such solutions as dropshipping automation, shipping management, multichannel software need to gain unrestricted access to e-store data to perform their core functionalities.

Today, there are a vast number of eCommerce platforms used by sellers from all over the globe. As a B2B software vendor, you need to connect with the most important ones to access data related to orders, prices, shipping details, taxes, and other info. …

In 2021, eCommerce software providers offering solutions such as warehouse, shipping, order and inventory management, price optimization, or marketing automation need to stay ahead of the competition more than ever. The easiest way to do this is to connect to the Ecwid API.

If you are such a company, an Ecwid API allows you to connect your platform to hundreds of thousands of e-stores using Ecwid and get access to all the valuable data available on this platform related to orders, customers, shipments, prices, taxes, etc. …

High-volume software providers need to be able to integrate their solutions with all the major shopping platforms available today on the market. Such eCommerce integrations enable these companies to streamline their operations and offer bespoke services to their target niche, mainly comprised of e-shop owners using these platforms.

In 2021, each software business needs to focus on integrating its solutions with 15 leading shopping platforms and marketplaces. This is the list of the most important integrations for software companies:

  1. Amazon Integration
  2. BigCommerce Integration
  3. eBay Integration
  4. Ecwid Integration
  5. Etsy Integration
  6. Hybris Integration
  7. Lightspeed Integration
  8. Magento Integration
  9. OpenCart Integration
  10. PrestaShop Integration
  11. Shopify…

An abandoned cart is a term that describes visitors of online stores who add goods to their shopping carts, fill in some of their data but interrupt the purchasing process without completing it. Shopping cart abandonment is significant to the retailers because it helps them to enhance the quality of their sales funnel. Reducing the cart abandonment rate leads to increased revenues. Also, it helps to expand the number of existing customers of online stores.

Reminding the visitors of websites about their abandoned carts automatically is one of the most required features of marketing automation software.

If you are a…

Nowadays, the ability to access shopping cart data is becoming increasingly important for various types of eCommerce software. For example, solutions like WMS, ERP, order and inventory management, shipping management software need to manage shopping cart data to perform their key functions.

To grow your software business in 2021 and reach more online sellers, you need to learn how to get and manage shopping cart data. Below, we’ll show you how to do that using the power of eCommerce API integration, and we’ll show you step-by-step how to seamlessly develop a stable shopping cart data integration with multiple shopping platforms.

Types of Shopping Carts

The development of API integration with Lightspeed is a must-have for software providers who want to succeed on the market in 2021. In this article, we will explore what a Lightspeed API integration is, how exactly it works, and how it is possible to develop seamless integration with this cart solution.

Any software provider who wants to take their business to new success levels should focus on eCommerce integration. Keep reading to find out why a Lightspeed API integration is an essential part of any eCommerce business.

What You Should Know about Lightspeed

Lightspeed is a modern, cloud-based and convenient solution with an attractive user interface…

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