API Integration with Lightspeed Cart

What You Should Know about Lightspeed

Lightspeed API

Lightspeed Integration Difficulties

  • The level of technical complexity is quite high and shouldn’t be underestimated. You’ll need programming knowledge and certain skills to integrate Lightspeed directly.
  • It takes time to perform the integration. If you’re building the integration yourself, you’ll need more than a few weeks to complete it. The amount of work involved can make you feel like giving up, especially when you have a small developer team.
  • It’s extremely expensive. Depending on the difficulty of the integration, it can cost over a thousand dollars. In addition to the cost of setting up an integration, you need to factor in upgrades, maintenance, and support. For most eCommerce software solutions, the cost of integrating with only one platform is way too high.

How to Build the Connection with Lightspeed?

  • for working with cart data: cart.create, cart.list, cart.validate
  • for working with product details: product.info, product.list, product.count
  • for working with Lightspeed order info: order.count, order.list, order.info
  • for working with shipments: order.shipment.tracking.add, order.shipment.list




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