Benefits of Using a Unified API for PrestaShop Integration

Main Reasons to Develop Integration with Prestashop

  1. PrestaShop is a platform that features more than 700 000 online stores. It is widely used across 200 different countries in the world. If you are planning to invest in PrestaShop integration via a unified API, you can get access to the eCommerce platform’s large customer base, where you can get new leads or clients.
  2. PrestaShop global recognition means your software business can also be exposed in different countries worldwide. Undoubtedly, developing integration with PrestaShop may help you introduce and establish your solution on a global level.
  3. More clients and exposure implies an expansion in the income. Working with PrestaShop users and reliable integration with this platform can get you a critical increase in the revenue and profit of your business.
  4. Integration with PrestaShop can likewise assist you with serving your clients in a better way. For instance, it helps to retrieve PrestaShop store information and empowers your software to perform its core functionality.

How PrestaShop API Works

Main Difficulties of PrestaShop Integration

  1. Integrations usually require a lot of money. Developing an integration may cost you around 4000 dollars, and you may spend a considerable amount of money on just integrations.
  2. Integrations take a lot of time, and your prospective clients may not have the patience to wait for 8 weeks to start to use your software features. Moreover, your clients have their online stores on multiple platforms — you need to integrate with more than just one platform. It is hard to imagine the time it would take you to do so.
  3. Besides that, integrations are complex. For example, PrestaShop API has a different logical architecture than other eCommerce platforms’ APIs, which creates additional issues. If you are going to integrate your software with various platforms, it is an even more technologically hard task.
  4. Because eCommerce platforms update their APIs periodically for security reasons, PrestaShop integration may require continuous maintenance and upgrades. As with other integrations, the cost and time needed for upgrading or maintaining an integration can be substantial.

Why Use a Unified API for PrestaShop Integration




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