Chatbot Automation: The Main Workflows

The Main Features of eCommerce Chatbots

  • A/B split testing of chatbot conversations
  • Sending the emails to online store visitors with personalized offers and discounts
  • Automatic qualification of leads
  • Providing product recommendations to e-store visitors and customers
  • Creation of orders
  • Multilingual communication: perfect for online stores that operate in different countries of the world
  • Detailed analytics
  • Restoring of abandoned carts

The Major Types of Chatbot Workflows

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The Meaning of eCommerce Integration for Chatbot Automation

How Chatbots Can Be Connected to Multiple eCommerce Platforms via API2Cart

  • Get the necessary information to identify new customers easily
  • Get access to the product catalogs along with descriptions, prices, images, categories, etc.
  • Provide the orders’ tracking numbers
  • Get the lists of abandoned orders
  • Update quantity of products and information about them in real-time
  • Access the sales history of online store customers



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