How to Develop PrestaShop API Integration in 2022

PrestaShop API Specifics

The Process of PrestaShop API Integration Development

The Business Cases You Can Solve with API2Cart

  • to work with products: product.list / count / info / add/ update / attribute.list / child_item.list
  • to work with orders: order.count / list / info/ add / update/ status.list/ shipment.list / abandoned.list
  • to work with customer data: list / count / find / add / update / delete
  • to work with categories: list / count / add / update / delete
  • to work with account: account.cart.list / cart.add / supported_platforms
  • to work with carts: cart.create / validate / list / delete / methods / disconnect
  • Warehouse and inventory management service. You can connect your software with Prestashop, retrieve products and orders from the stores, and control inventory and stock levels.
  • Mobile commerce. You can quickly sync and get updated information from online shops such as product descriptions, orders, customers, etc. and reflect the changes into a mobile one.
  • Shipping management software. PrestaShop API integration enables merchants to sync inventory levels, monitor and update tracking info, import orders from the online stores based on this shopping platform, etc.
  • Data feed management software. Retrieve product information and send it to various channels to facilitate excellent data feeds.
  • Marketing automation system. Send out emails to customers featuring new items, discounts, and special prices. Notify customers about order statuses and track cart abandoners.
  • Others.



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