How to Get Orders From Etsy API

In today’s hyper-competitive business world, eCommerce software providers, such as multichannel systems, shipping management, marketing automation, dropshipping automation, and others, need to find ways to stay ahead. One of the easiest ways to outmanoeuvre the competition is to take advantage of Etsy API integration.

Connecting with the Etsy API is a surefire way to reach all the tens of thousands of potential customers who use this marketplace. It also gives you unlimited access to order-related data from your existing and potential customers’ shops listed on Etsy.

Why do eCommerce Software Need Access e-Stores’ Order Data?

Different types of eCommerce software solutions need to gain access to e-store order data in order to perform their operations at a higher level. For example, companies that provide marketing automation software services can use order data to inform e-store customers about their order status. In addition, these service providers can analyze the order history of e-store customers and send targeted emails with relevant offers, recommendations, or special promotions.

On the other hand, an accounting software company needs access to e-store order data to create invoices and automate invoice processing.

Shipping management solutions need to access order data to provide their specific functionalities related to syncing & monitoring inventory levels, creating shipping labels, generating shipments, etc.

Another example of an eCommerce software solution that needs to access e-store order data is companies that develop mobile apps. These modern solutions need to work with order data to set up automatic export processes from their customers’ mobile apps to their web stores. This operation would enable these companies to provide relevant services to their e-store customers and ensure that all orders are processed accordingly.

The ability to retrieve and work with e-store order data is extremely important for eCommerce software companies looking to grow and expand. However, to gain access to e-store order data, software vendors need to develop an API integration between their platform and marketplaces like Etsy. Without such integration, software providers cannot offer their services to e-merchants.

Etsy API Integration Development

Etsy is one of the most impressive eCommerce marketplaces to hit the market recently. In the last year alone, Etsy’s stock is up 400%. This huge marketplace is growing extremely, and it seems that the COVID -19 lockdown is only fueling its expansion.

Etsy is a popular marketplace that is the primary choice of millions of dropshippers worldwide. People selling handmade crafts and vintage items love Etsy for its unique features and ease of use. According to Statista, the number of active sellers on Etsy has skyrocketed to reach the whopping number of 4.3 million sellers. According to the same platform, the number of global buyers exceeds 39.4 million.

When it comes to an Etsy API integration, it’s important to know that this process can easily take up to 6 weeks. Even though Etsy has a RESTful interface, the platform’s API documentation doesn’t contain all the needed information. Developing a connection and accessing Etsy API orders requires skill and experience, so only developers with previous experience can qualify to develop an Etsy API integration.

Testing the Etsy API is a really expensive task that requires certain skills and knowledge. To make matters worse, once the integration is complete, it requires constant improvements, upgrades, and maintenance.

The good news is that there is a better way to integrate with Etsy. You don’t have to go the manual way and hire a developer, spend thousands of dollars, and lose precious weeks of time. Instead, you can work with a unified shopping cart data interface tool that will take care of all the connections in your place.

Etsy API Integration: How to Get All Order Data

One of the top unified shopping cart data interface tools you can get in 2021 is API2Cart. This solution allows you to connect your software or app to no less than 40 shopping platforms. Once connected, you can easily import orders from all platforms and marketplaces directly into your system.

API2Cart allows your business to seamlessly get orders from Etsy API and perform multiple operations. With API2Cart, you can receive instant notifications when an order is placed in one of your customers’ stores, filter orders by store ID, customer ID, order status, financial status, time parameters, and shipping providers.

API2Cart provides API methods in order to enable you to retrieve and manage order data from e-stores listed on Etsy. These methods are:

- this method enables you to retrieve specific order, along with all related information

- order.count: you can use this method to count the number of orders in a store

- order.list: use it to receive a list of orders associated with a specific store. This method returns 4 orders by default.

- order.status.list: this method can be used to retrieve all the orders’ statuses that are supported by the specific cart

- order.update: finally, you can use this method to quickly update orders made by customers


Gaining unrestricted access to Etsy API orders is a must for any eCommerce software provider that wants to scale up their business and dive into the rich market of dropshippers, which is growing by the hour. To do that, you have two options: hire a team of developers and wait up to 6 weeks, or use API2Cart and gain your integration up and running in no time.

The truly amazing news is that you can now test API2Cart’s features for free, for a period of 30 days. Visit the API2Cart site and start your free trial now.



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