How to Update Product Information on Multiple Sales Channels?

Why Do WMS Solutions Have to Work with e-Stores’ Product Data?

  • managing your clients’ e-store data related to products and inventory
  • looking after the goods that come in the warehouse and get shipped from there
  • automation of processes related to picking up goods and receiving orders from the suppliers

How to Update Product Information on Various Sales Channels Easily

  • webhook for order.add event used to notify the WMS system when orders are added to the e-store
  • order.list method that allows receiving the list of new orders from the e-store.

What Else Your WMS Software Can Do Using API2Cart?

  • increase productivity by making order fulfillment more accurate and fast
  • automating the creation of shipments
  • generating reports based on real-time and precise data from clients’ e-stores
  • continuously syncing inventory
  • managing the information on e-stores.



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