Top 15 Essential eCommerce Integrations for Software Businesses

High-volume software providers need to be able to integrate their solutions with all the major shopping platforms available today on the market. Such eCommerce integrations enable these companies to streamline their operations and offer bespoke services to their target niche, mainly comprised of e-shop owners using these platforms.

In 2021, each software business needs to focus on integrating its solutions with 15 leading shopping platforms and marketplaces. This is the list of the most important integrations for software companies:

  1. Amazon Integration
  2. BigCommerce Integration
  3. eBay Integration
  4. Ecwid Integration
  5. Etsy Integration
  6. Hybris Integration
  7. Lightspeed Integration
  8. Magento Integration
  9. OpenCart Integration
  10. PrestaShop Integration
  11. Shopify Integration
  12. Squarespace Integration
  13. Walmart Integration
  14. WooCommerce Integration
  15. X-Cart Integration

Let’s take a deeper look into the unique integration you should perform with each one of these platforms.

Amazon Integration

As a software business, Amazon represents the best shot you have at reaching tens of millions of potential customers. This huge marketplace is wildly popular in big markets such as the US, the UK, Canada, Japan, or Italy. There are over 16 million live sites on Amazon, driving the growth of this enormous platform by over 35% YoY.

The Amazon API is pretty old and complex, requiring specific integration skills. In addition, the API docs are also extremely complicated and do not contain accurate info. Therefore, the Amazon integration development is quite a tedious process that takes a whole lot of time and skill to perform.

BigCommerce Integration

BigCommerce is probably one of the fiercest competitors to Amazon, coming with huge growth. Nevertheless, the platform is still under the 200k live websites, so it definitely has a lot of room to grow.

In terms of API, BigCommerce supports the REST infrastructure, making it easy for modern software businesses to connect their solutions with BigCommerce API. In addition, the API supports all CRUD actions through HTTP methods, such as GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT. It also supports XML and JSON formats, together with data validation, logging, throttling, and versioning.

eBay Integration

eBay is considered one of the top eCommerce marketplaces today. Millions of sellers showcase their products in front of over 177 million users every month. The eBay API was designed in such a way to enable sellers and high-volume software businesses, such as shipping management software providers, marketing automation software providers, warehouse management software providers, ERP providers, to gain quick access to the users’ info.

As a software provider, you can use the eBay API to programmatically manage your clients’ business by performing selling, buying, searching, and all other activities. Nevertheless, eBay API is not uniform. For example, various resources such as orders or products can have different formats.

Ecwid Integration

Even if Ecwid is not as famous as Amazon or eBay, it has managed to grow exponentially during the pandemic at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, reaching a whopping 990k live sites by mid-2021.

The Ecwid API has a uniform REST architecture and oAuth2 authentication, offering a smooth and seamless installation flow. Once connected to Ecwid, you can easily gain access to the following information on your clients’ stores:

  • Products, product variations, attributes
  • Image gallery
  • Inventories
  • Store categories
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Coupons

Etsy Integration

Despite having only 94k live sites, Etsy is a specialized platform that enables regular people and businesses to sell their handmade, physical goods. Starting out as a platform of artisans and craftsmen, Etsy soon became the largest market for authentic goods, being a great alternative to global mass production and corporate branding.

The integration with Etsy can be performed via their API. However, a standard integration is not recommended, because of the expensive testing process and the lack of relation between images and product variants. Instead, you can simplify the integration process with Etsy using the special API integration tools.

Hybris Integration

Hybris is a well-established eCommerce platform that spans over 19k live sites. Since it was acquired by SAP back in 2013, it runs entirely on the SAP Commerce Cloud.

What you need to be aware of about the Hybris API integration is the need for superior technical skills and the difficulty of the platform’s distinctive way of storing data. A manual integration with this platform may cause numerous issues, including improper integration due to lack of skills, continuous updates, security risks, a lot of time to complete.

Lightspeed Integration

Lightspeed is a sophisticated, yet an intuitive cloud-based solution for physical businesses that want to go digital and leverage the power of technology. Suppliers, restaurants, delivery companies, or retail organizations can use Lightspeed to reach their customers on their favorite devices and attract them to their physical stores.

Integrating your software with Lightspeed enables you to increase your profits, gain access to precious customer data, expand your customers’ database, and tap into new markets. However, note that integrating with this platform takes a lot of time and requires over $10k in development fees and continuous updates over several months.

Magento Integration

Magento is undoubtedly one of the most famous shopping cart solutions, featuring over 749k live websites. However, what makes this platform such a beast in 2021 is its capability to offer an extremely high customization option to its users.

The great news about Magento API is that it uses the REST architecture, allowing developers to utilize HTTP requests to get data related to orders, products, shipments, taxes, etc. Any software business can leverage Magento integration further to promote its services to all the e-shop owners using this platform.

OpenCart Integration

Since 2010, OpenCart has grown steadily to reach almost 1 million live sites in less than a decade. This platform prides itself on making it super easy for non-technical users to create their online stores and make profits in new markets.

Due to their unique selling proposition, OpenCart has managed to attract a whole lot of beginners. However, most of those newbie sellers now have large stores that boast huge sales. You certainly don’t want to miss this target niche of users who have started from scratch and now have grown into powerful online stores.

To tap into this market, you need to perform a viable OpenCart integration.

PrestaShop Integration

PrestaShop is another platform that has managed to experience impressive growth in the last decade. API integration with this powerful solution gives you access to more than 250k store owners.

You can benefit from a PrestaShop integration regardless of your sphere of activity. So whether you are a marketing automation system, shipping management software, repricing software, data feed management specialist, mobile commerce, or inventory management service, do not hesitate to integrate your company with PrestaShop and capitalize on the vast number of integration benefits for your business.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is one of the most famous eCommerce platforms today, spanning over 3.9 million live sites. This platform had an incredible run in the last decade, being used by millions of sellers and hundreds of millions of customers from over 140 countries worldwide.

Nevertheless, the integration with Shopify can be a bumpy ride, especially for teams that do not have connoisseurs among them. In addition, the Shopify documentation is pretty slim, while the API abuse and data breach issues are widespread for this platform.

Squarespace Integration

Squarespace is yet another shopping cart solution with an impressive number of users. More specifically, there are over 4.2 million live sites on Squarespace in 2021.

Integrating your business with this platform gives you room to grow and expand while addressing the needs of this large portion of online users who have chosen Squarespace to conduct their operations.

Walmart Integration

The #1 physical retailer in the US has gone digital and has managed to grow like crazy. With thousands of physical stores and over $514 billion in sales worldwide, an integration with Walmart can definitely position your brand as a top software developer in your niche.

However, note that the integration with Walmart is a tedious process. The entire integration could take weeks until completed, and the costs could exceed $10k.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is another large shopping platform spanning over 4.4 million users. However, despite the vast reach, the WooCommerce integration can be quite a pain for numerous software businesses.

Integrating your company with WooCommerce can be held back due to a large number of API versions, PHP code modules that slow back the work, and the issues arising from using their native API.

X-Cart Integration

Finally, you need to integrate your software business with X-Cart. This open-source shopping cart platform is the choice of numerous online sellers that want to ramp up their businesses and leverage the true power of X-Cart.

For a successful X-Cart integration, you should consider using a streamlined solution that already uses the RESTful infrastructure and can help you develop integration with it.

How to Develop Multiple eCommerce Integrations at Once

Be aware that establishing a secure connection with only one eCommerce platform requires a lot of time, money, and effort invested. Additionally, because each platform has its own architecture, the complexity of each integration might be more than you can handle.

The best and cheapest way to connect with not just one, but 40+ shopping platforms and marketplaces is by using a powerful solution such as API2Cart.

Using this service allows you to avoid developing a separate connection with each shopping platform. All that is required is integration with API2Cart. After that, it becomes possible to easily retrieve, add and delete data from e-shops.

If you offer high-volume eCommerce software, it is better to use API2Cart Enterprise On-Premise Solution.