What is Etsy Integration and How to Build It?

Nataliia Kovalchuk
4 min readFeb 28, 2022


To develop an effective Etsy integration, you must understand the features of the Etsy marketplace, its API, and the details of the process of developing integration. Then, if you follow our helpful steps, you can create a reliable Etsy integration in just five days or less.

Etsy Marketplace

Etsy is a marketplace that allows sellers from all over the world to promote their handmade products. Its business model is similar to those of eBay and Amazon. However, Etsy stands out from the crowd by providing an amazing level of value to both sellers and buyers.

Etsy began as a simple website in 2005; however, it has grown rapidly because of its business model, with nearly 4.3 million sellers and 39 million buyers.

Now Etsy is a successful marketplace. Connecting your eCommerce software to this marketplace opens up a whole range of opportunities, giving you access to e-sellers on this marketplace and allowing you to expand your range of services.

Etsy API Meaning

An application programming interface (API) enables two apps or software to communicate with each other and exchange data. API is a bridge between your software and the Etsy marketplace. This bridge allows you to access Etsy data, including products, prices, images, taxes, customers’ details, shipping details, and more.

Each eCommerce platform and the marketplace has its own API, so to work with sellers on each platform, you must establish a connection with each API in particular. For example, for Etsy, you would set up a connection through its marketplace API.

Etsy API uses a RESTful infrastructure to improve data transfer and connection. The marketplace uses JSON-formatted responses to enable you to gain access to Etsy features, such as shops, public profiles, tags, customers, listings, sales, and favorites.

This API makes it easy to write and read users’ private and public data by leveraging the oAuth method. Once you access the API, you can start using HTTPS methods to retrieve the info you need. These methods you can use are: PUT, GET, POST, DELETE.

When you send a request to the API, it processes it and sends a response. The response can come as a code with a JSON body, which includes the data required. For instance, the 200 code comes with the “success” message and returns the data asked; if your request cannot be fulfilled, you might receive a 404 error code along with a “no found” message.

Etsy Integration

Etsy integration is the process of connecting your software or app with Etsy marketplace so that you can gain access to all the important data used by your clients. Once this is completed, you will be able to use order, product, or customer data to provide services to Etsy sellers.

Integrating your solution with the Etsy marketplace will enable you to:

  • Expand your customer base by working with Etsy sellers from 234 countries
  • Get access to important Etsy data that can improve your end-services
  • Boost your business’s profits and outpace your competitors

The Way To Develop the Integration with Etsy

You should already be aware of the importance of connecting your software with Etsy. If you are not yet connected to Etsy API, there are two options for a safe, secure Etsy integration:

  1. Hire an external team of qualified developers or use your own team to connect with Etsy manually. This is a manual process that requires experienced developers who know all the ins and outs of Etsy API. However, it involves additional costs in support and maintenance.
  2. A third-party integration solution like API2Cart is an option for software vendors and developers who want to connect not just to Etsy but with tens of other shopping platforms and marketplaces at once. The scaling opportunities, in this case, are immense, and the benefits far supersede the initial investment costs.

API2Cart is the best service to use if you want to access data from 40+ platforms and marketplaces like Etsy at once. It allows managing all the needed data from online stores based on different platforms. You can use over 100 API methods provided by API2Cart. With their help, it is possible to retrieve, add, delete, update and sync the data on products, orders, shipments, e-store customers, prices on Etsy and other platforms.

You can test API2Cart functionality for a month for free and see how it can help you with Etsy integration development. All you need to do is to register your free trial account on the service right now.