What is Integration With Magento and How to Develop It?

Magento Integration Explained

Magento Integration: Why You Should Develop It

Magento Specifics

3 Common Issues When Integrating with Magento

  1. If a single item is contained in an array, the value is returned as a single item, rather than an array. To compensate for this problem, you can add code to the function that checks whether the array contains a single item and transforms it into an array if it does.
  2. Another challenge is the accuracy of API documentation. It is not always correct. For example, when creating a product with the help of the API, you need to specify the websites to which it is to be assigned. The documentation mentions a parameter — website of type ArrayOfString that should contain this info. But if you send it in such a way, you will fail because the parameter key has to be website_id and it must be in an array of arrays format that contains the website id info.
  3. When reindexing from the platform admin panel, certain options are not available, and you might experience flat data and product price reindex errors.

How to Develop The Integration with Magento Easily?



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