What is Product API and How To Use It?

Why do eCommerce Software Need Shopping Platforms’ Product Data?

Multi-channel software

Inventory management solutions

Marketing automation software


Dropshipping automation software

Chatbot solutions

POS systems

Product API: How to Access All Product Details from Shopping Platforms

WooCommerce Product APIs

Shopify Product APIs

Ecwid Product APIs

BigCommerce Product APIs

API2Cart Methods for Working with Online Store Products

  1. product.list — This method retrieves a list of all the products on the online store. By default, it returns 10 products and software providers can pass the required parameters to retrieve more products from the store or fewer products if they wish.
  2. product.info — This API method allows software vendors to access all the information related to a specific product from an online store. It allows the retrieval of the product name, image, description, price, and other vital details.




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